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As a STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center, certification training, programs and continuing education workshops are conducted to expand the education and knowledge of the STOTT PILATES® method to all Pilates, Yoga and Fitness instructors who desire to provide safe and effective Pilates exercise to their clients.

STOTT PILATES® is the premiere brand of Merrithew Health & Fitness.



MELT® Rates

SESSION TYPE New Client Single 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 15 Sessions
Certified Instructor – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

$95 or $255/3


$525 ($105 per)

$1,000 ($100 per)

$1,425 ($95 per)
Certified Instructor – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


$325 ($65 per)

$600 ($60 per)

$825 ($55 per)
Group Class (At Studio | Virtual) – – – – – –
Introductory Workshop (90 Minutes) – – – –

$25 | $20

$100 | $75

Studio schedule and fees are subject to change. Note, a required rate adjustment may be applicable.

Cash, Checks & Credit Cards accepted. $50.00 fee for returned per check. Payments are non-refundable

PACKAGE COMPLETION from date of purchase

Single 3 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 15 Sessions
30 days 30 days 6 months 9 months 1 year

What is MELT®?
The MELT Method® was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann. Using MELT® techniques, a latex free soft body roller, and four uniquely designed latex free hand & foot treatment balls, MELT® is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in the joints.

New research has revealed that the missing link to pain-free living is a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide support for the body and optimal mind-body communication. The MELT Method® is a self-treatment that directly addresses these two systems of the body.

Benefits of Practicing MELT®
MELT® offers natural pain relief, allowing one to address the true cause of chronic pain while not just masking the symptoms. This self-treatment method can create changes in one’s alignment and posture which improves joint mobility and stability. The ultimate goal of MELT® is to improve the body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. Regular practice of MELT® helps the body to stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime.


Pilates South Texas offers the opportunity for anyone of any age to learn this self-treatment method. We offer monthly Introductory Workshops (90 Minutes), weekly Group Classes (60 Minutes) and private appointments that may be scheduled at the convenience of the client.

MELT Method® Introduction Workshop (90 Minutes)
This workshop will introduce the MELT Method®, Hand & Foot Treatments, and Soft Body Roller techniques. After completing this MELT Method® Introduction Workshop, one is encouraged to attend the Group MELT® classes to continue the practice, improve and learn new MELT® techniques to incorporate a regular practice at home.

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MELT Intro Workshop Schedule

MELT Method® Group Class (60 Minutes)
The class provides simple guided self-treatments using a soft body roller, and four uniquely designed treatment balls.


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MELT® products are available for purchase at our studio to practice at home:

  • MELT Method® Latex Free Soft Body Roller
  • MELT Method® Latex Free Small Hand & Foot Treatment Balls
  • MELT Method® DVD

For more information about MELT® visit www.meltmethod.com or contact Pilates South Texas.